Vittorio Santoro
7 Erased Contributions (Lawrence W.), 2011

Erased pencil on paper
21 × 28 cm

Vittorio Santoro’s works are rooted in everyday observations, but push beyond them to reveal latent historical, aesthetic, socio-political, or even metaphysical realities. His characteristically intricate visual sensibility conceals a tension between the referential possibilities of objects and the choreographic nature of their placement in context. 7 Erased Contributions (Lawrence W.) (2008) offer a route into Santoro’s examination of the everyday. [This work stems] from his interest in the relationship between viewer and artist, between the act of creation and reception, as it plays out in an exhibition context. [It is] based on participatory scripts that involve another individual or a group of people for their construction and raise the issues about the social function of art.

Excerpt taken from Daniel Kurjakovic’s introduction text to Santoro’s exhibition “Owls turn their entire head to change views” which took place at the Fondation d’entreprise Pernod Ricard, Paris in 2012.