Phenomenon is a biennial project for contemporary art on the Aegean island of Anafi, Greece, organized by the Association Phenomenon and the Kerenidis Pepe Collection, since 2015. Each edition includes a residency with performances, lectures, video screenings and other events, as well as an exhibition throughout the island.

According to Apollonius Rhodius’ Argonautica, the island was named Anafi because Apollo made it appear to the Argonauts as a shelter in a dark night, using his bow to shed light (Aνάφη is derived from ανέφηνεν, “appeared”, the same root as phenomenon). Starting from the histories of Anafi, Phenomenon explores how notions of visibility/invisibility are formed through light, language, archaeologies, time, and other social constructs. Phenomenon received the Montblanc Patronage Award in 2018.

For its fourth and latest edition (27 June–11 July, 2022), Phenomenon looked at the construction of temporalities, starting from how the island life has been reshaped from a yearlong agricultural activity up until the 80s to a seasonal tourist period followed by a winter migration, and moving on to notions of un/productive time and the role of the arts in proposing deviating temporalities that open up a space for deliberation and reconfigure the field of possibilities.

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Iordanis Kerenidis
Piergiorgio Pepe

Aggelika Mitsiou

Myrto Katsimicha

Agape Harmani

Goda Budvytytė
Detanico/Lain (Posters Phenomenon 1–3)

Alexandra Masmanidi

Julien Nédélec

Dimitris Loukis

Grégory Castéra

Frantzeska Vasilogeorgi
Hayley Pina


With the support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports

Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports

Phenomenon 4 was also supported by the Kerenidis Pepe Collection, Quantum Ethics, Blue Star Lines, the Embassy of Spain in Athens, and the Instituto Cervantes in Athens.

Phenomenon would like to thank the members of Argo–the circle of Phenomenon supporters–and in particular: Elisabeth and Yves Molinbert, Daniel Bosser and Boris Borisavljevic, the Pylon foundation, Evrim and Jessica Oralkan, and Andre Zivanari.

Previous editions of Phenomenon received the support of the Kerenidis Pepe Collection, the Fondation Hippocrène, Blue Star Lines, the Institut Français d’Athènes, the Embassy of Spain in Athens, the Swiss Embassy in Athens, the Greek Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy, the Greek Ministry of Culture, Anek Lines and NEON. All details of funding are available upon request.

Phenomenon would like to thank everyone on Anafi for their support, and in particular the Mayor Iakovos Roussos and everyone at the Municipality; the Schoolmaster Thanos Varsos; all members of ETEA; Giannis Patiniotis and Giorgos Halaris (Tholos); Martha Ferfiri (Florans); Manos and Gina Arvanitis (Anafis Gi); Effie, Betty and Margarita Kaloyeropoulou (Margarita’s); Giannis Patitniotis and his family (Pou pas karavaki); Niki and Manos Nikolis (Bakery); Takis Kororos (Komvos); Aris (Glaros); the Politistikos Syllogos Anafis; the Syndesmos Apantaxou Anafaion; Sofia Kolyda and her family (Liotrivi); Maria Chalari (souvenir shop); Maria Chalari and her family (to Steki/Sunset); Tziorgis Roussos and Aggeliki Karakatsani (Koursaros); Giannis Halaris (DEI); Irini and Tasos Alexopoulos (Papadia), Andreas Sirigos (Mylos), Nektaria Roussou (Akrogiali); Kiriakos/Lia Chalari (Argo); Markos Sigalas, Lenio, Georgia and everyone at Armenaki; Irini, Nikolas and Roussetos Halaris; Mathaios Nikolis; Popi Peleki-Roussou (Pelagos), Evangelia Roussou (Roussos Travel); Manolis Kolydas (honey); John Melik (Monolithos); Nicoletta Barbata; Yorgos Bakalis; Mrs Tragkas; Rinakis Transport; Onassis Air; Antipodes editions; everyone at Endochora, Crocos, Odos Irinis and Petrino, the helpful staff at the supermarkets and stores, all the room owners that so warmly welcome our visitors. Special thanks to Theo Prodromidis. 

Phenomenon is based on two legal structures: (1) Phenomenon Association Loi 1901 based at 31 rue Chapon, 75003, Paris, France and (2) the Phenomenon Anafi AMKE based in Stournari 25, 106 82, Athens, Greece.