Orawan Arunrak
Clock ( 0 ), 2023

Custom analog clock
28.2 (d) × 4.1 cm
Edition of 3

Arunrak’s work unfolds as a series of vignettes—each a chapter in a larger story of resilience and introspection. (…) [For her exhibition The 4 Foundations] Arunrak transforms the gallery into a living, breathing entity where the ambient sounds of life—church bells, the cadence of a washing machine, and the unceasing undertones of a bustling city—merge with the visual stimuli. (…) The repeated motif of clocks around the space symbolizes its omnipresence in our lives and its synchronization with our personal and architectural spaces. In such a recontextualization of the everyday object, the clocks invite consideration of time’s flow and memory’s role in distinguishing and counting moments. (…)

Expert from the introduction text of Orawan Arunrak’s exhibition The 4 Foundations at BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY, Bangkok, 16 December, 2023 to 27 January, 2024.