Dora García
L’insecte 5, Mad Marginal Charts series, 2023

Pencil and pastel on paper, wooden frame, glass
52,5 x 72,5 x 5 cm

(…) There is a bug in history, because history is cyclic, repeats endlessly, and in each repetition, there is a recurrent mistake, an error, a parasite, an insect, a bug that cannot help but throw thousands of victims in each repetition or cycle. In the cyclic novel Finnegans Wake, the letters of ‘insect’ dance around to become ‘incest’.
All these thoughts and a few more “dance around” in the 30-some drawings L’insecte (Mad Marginal Charts), a new iteration of the series Mad Marginal Charts which began in 2014 to draw connecting paths among the manifold subjects in the work of Dora García, linking Finnegans Wake to Mayakovsky to Kafka to Lacan to Alejandra Pizarnik, through images of insects, moebius strips, ears, family portraits, holes, mouths, eyes, and stones of madness.

Excerpt from the introduction text to Dora Garcia’s exhibition “L’insecte”, Galerie Michel Rein, Paris, 17 May – 22 July 2023.