Andrés Baron
Mirror Travelling, 2017

16 mm film to HD video
3 min.
Edition of 5

Relying mainly on photography, film and the production of objects, [Andrés Baron’s practice] notably cultivates a circulation of his subjects between different spaces of representation. Portraits in which the gaze and physicality are very present, and natural elements (landscapes, fruit, skies, etc.) are recurrent motifs. In these circulations, the transition from still to movement, from objects to their images and to space, is played out using the recurring figures of the fold, the rotation and the mirror. The very space of the camera shot is brought into play through a particular focus on the frontal aspect of the image. Through their fixed or circular set-ups and deliberate artificiality, his films open up a field of great ambiguity, where the subjects always seem aware of the representations in which they are participating.

Excerpt from the introduction text of Andrés Baron’s exhibition “Mirror Travelling”, Galerie of the Cité internationale des arts, Paris, 16 March – 06 Avril, 2018 (our translation)