Angela Detanico / Rafael Lain

Lexicon (Kallistos Kosmos), 2015
Vinyl, 250 x 250 cm

Archipelagos, 2015
Stones and sound

Pilha (Longitude/Latitude), 2015
Granite tiles

In Lexicon (Kallistos Kosmos) Angela Detanico and Rafel Lain transform the stars of the sky into Greek letters. The alpha-stars are the most luminous, all the way to the faintest omega-stars. They used this new map to draw new constellations, here, by writing Heracleitos’ phrase “Kallistos Kosmos”, the best of worlds. In Archipelagos, they used found stones to write Archipelagos, the ancient name of the Aegean Sea, in a system that uses human steps as a measure: one step for alpha, two steps for beta, etc. In Pilha (Longitude/Latitude) the simple writing system Pilha, where alpha corresponds to one granite tile, beta to two tiles, etc., put a mark in Anafi, displacing the focal point to the periphery.