Dora García

Performance and installation

Golden Sentences (Το Μέλλον Πρέπει να Είναι Επικίνδυνο), 2011-2017
Gold paint on ceramic

Dora García explores the political potential rooted in marginality: the outsider, the outcast and the outlaw, paying homage to anti-heroic personas. The performance TRANSLATION/EXILE, specifically conceived for Phenomenon 2, took place for several hours on 5 July 2017, where two performers, one a local (Giannis Patiniotis) and one a visitor (Lou Forster), visited and exchanged knowledge about the island through questions, translations, and notes. A publication documenting the exchange was produced by the artist and was made available in the exhibition at the new school, together with video documentation of the performance. For Golden Sentences, Dora García used gold paint and ceramic letters crafted by a local artisan (Manos Arvanitis), to inscribe in Greek the sentence “The future must be dangerous”, urging for a future based on diversity and constant questioning. For the bus stop project, another simple, yet impossible, affirmation “I always tell the truth” appeared hand-written.