Florence Jung

#jung56, 2017

#jung63, 2018

#jung69, 2019

Florence Jung writes scenarios that infiltrate reality. Her scripted situations are built around a system of clues, absence, and rumour. Drawing from social sciences as well as literature and philosophy, her work explores the paradoxes of contemporary life, our relationship to uncertainty in certain contexts, and the narrative potential of suspicion. For Phenomenon, Jung activated three scenarios: to experience Jung63, one had to go to Margarita’s restaurant on Klisidi beach and ask for Yovana. For Jung69, she had hidden the contact details of four people of power in a closed room in the school. They all live in Anafi and are currently on duty. Jung56 consists in an erased graffiti which once read ΚΑΤΙ ΛΕΙΠΕΙ (in English: something is missing). Her poster for the bus stop project consisted of a slightly modified version of the bus schedule in use at the time, which had been advanced by a few minutes.