Vittorio Santoro

Across the River and into the Trees (the World Nobody Killed), 2019
Metal plaque, map

I Was / But I Am, 2019
Real-time activity for 2 protagonists (performers: Chiara Vecchiarelli, Macklin Kowal, Ioanna Gerakidi, Liam Murtaugh)

Pulleys, I, 2016

Rhinocéros/Bérenger, 2018
Diptych, two colour photographs (pigment prints on fine art baryte paper), two metal frames

Mapping / Erasing (Text on Blackboard), 2018-19
Real-time activity for 3 protagonists (performers: Myrto Katsimicha, Liam Murtaugh, Vittorio Santoro)

Vittorio Santoro’s artistic practice takes the form of sound installations, sculptures or drawings. Articulated around repetition and literary forms, his body of work questions as much the inscription of the work in space and in time as the ontological inscription of the individual within the social space.