The Workroom

The Workroom is the project space of the Kerenidis Pepe collection, inaugurated in 2022 and situated in the 3rd arrondissement in Paris. A series of events, exhibitions, readings are held there on occasion.


3 137, 31 May 2023
At the occasion of 3 137’s exhibition la poste and the launch of the edited volume they have curated, titled After the explosion you still hear the light (Paraguay, Paris, 2023), 3 137 screened audiovisual material from the personal archive of Diohandi. 3 137 is an artist run space based in Athens, founded by Chrysanthi Koumianaki, Kosmas Nikolaou and Paky Vlassopoulou.

Marina Xenofontos, 15 December 2022
A new work by Marina Xenofontos and a work from the Kerenidis Pepe Collection were presented in the presence of the artist.

Alejandro Cesarco and Daniel Gustav Cramer, 3 September 2022
A selection of works by Alejandro Cesarco and Daniel Gustav Cramer from the Kerenidis Pepe Collection was presented, in the presence of Daniel Gustav Cramer.