K.R.M. Mooney
Deposition c. (xii), 2023

Electroplated steel, silver casting grain, cuttlebone, aluminum
27 × 5.4 × 7.6 cm

“[My series of works titled] Deposition c. are from an iteration of sculptures that use my background in jewelry. Cuttlebone, the soft striated material inserted into the center is used as a casting mold. Every so often I would source the material from a bird supply store, where domestic pets use it for grooming and as a nutritional supplement. Cuttlebone is made up of calcium carbonate, the same component that makes up sand, limestone, concrete, and plaster. I’m drawn to its structure –which is soft and carvable yet can withstand heat, and in its biogenic function is an air-rich substance that draws water in and filters it out in order for cuttlefish to move within the oceans depth, like a float valve. Here you can see its former life, where metal has been poured and seared its surface. The frames they’re presented in have been silver electroplated. This lively surface reacts to oxygen over time, among other immediate atmospheric conditions (…).”

Text by the artist.