Aurélien Froment
Histoire Permanente du Cinéma, 2009

Painted wood
15.5 × 10.7 × 4.2 cm

Aurélien Froment is constantly at work on this shift from the studio towards the exhibition. In it he records his gestures, and choreographs them, coming up with new readings of the objects he produces. The work can no longer be defined as a given object, specific and unchanging, but rather as a principle of arrangement. For the show, he has chosen to put us in direct contact with reality, thanks, among other things, to a very simple little white box: a rudimentary geometric box with a hole in it through which we can look at our nearby environment, enabling everyone to make their own film.

Excerpt from Cécilia Becanovic & Isabelle Alfonsi’s text accompanying the exhibition “Moon Star Love” at Marcelle Alix in 2009.