Ignasi Aballí
Llegir entre línies (R. Barthes), 2010

Digital print on photographic paper
114 x 4.3 cm

[One] chief concern in Aballí’s work is the dichotomy between presence and absence as he ponders the notions of disappearance, transparency, invisibility and illegibility. This results in a series of works where, aiming to insinuate more than affirm, only the presence of objects is evoked; a unique game with the viewer that involves the search for reality and fiction, the visible and invisible, the transparent and the opaque, for what is shown and what is concealed. A clear example of this practice can be seen in the series Tomar medidas (2010), where measuring instruments take centre stage, Entre líneas (2011) [to which Llegir entre línies (R. Barthes) is linked], an installation based on the empty and illegible space of texts, and the one devoted to double readings Dobles lecturas (2010), alluding to writers such as Bernhard and Joyce.

Excerpt taken from the introduction of Ignasi Aballí’s exhibition “without beginning / without end” on the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte – Reina Sofía’s website