Vittorio Santoro
Language Will Never Quite Connect You to the World, 2008

Installation (cut out letters on wall)
Variable dimensions
Edition of 3

The collage Language Will Never Quite Connect You to the World (2008) inhabits in a hardly visible fashion the section of a wall. It is made of letters cut out from different newspapers of a given day, more exactly: from some selected newspaper articles. The letters form the sentence whose meaning oscillates between a disillusioned avowal and a plea for action. The aphoristic form of the phrase summons the universality of its impact. Stylistically, its open structure gives it an ambiguous aspect. For example, the aphorism that states that “language will never quite connect [us] to the world” highlights the paradoxes of language at a time of hyper-communication. These thoughts need to be deciphered by the reader in order for him/her to grasp the plurality of their interpretative layers.

Excerpt from the introductory text to Santoro’s exhibition “Today I Haven’t Done Anything to Avoid the Inevitable”, cortex athletico, Paris, February 1 – 10, 2018