Samak Kosem
Burning Rainbow, 2023

Single channel HD video, sound, text in English
12 min. 50 sec.
Edition of 5

This video merges the fantasies of two men into one love story. Inspired by the concept of “shipping” from popular BL (Boy’s Love) TV series in Thailand, Samak explores how people escape unhappy realities through imagined relationships. Collaborating with Ataru Sato, who shares his own heartbreak through a personal memoir, Samak intertwines Ataru’s story with that of “Mr. Wan,” a straight Shan migrant and sex worker in Thailand. Despite their different backgrounds, both characters struggle to find affection. Samak envisions by shipping a happy ending for them both, blending their narratives into a hopeful, imagined reality. This first collaboration between Samak and Ataru embraces the social and personal dimensions of contemporary life from a queer perspective.

Text from the artist.