Ignasi Aballí
Cristal roto, 2017

Digital print
40 × 30 cm

In Cristal roto, Ignasi Aballí reproduces in a set of twenty-seven photographs, the twenty-seven fragments of a broken glass at a scale of 1:1. Each photograph shows a fragment of the glass in its original position, so that if all the images are superimposed, we could reconstruct the entire glass. The artist uses this transparent material in his works to reflect on the limits between the visible and the invisible, based on what we see, what we perceive and what we understand. This work derives from a series of recent works (Tentación de reconstrucción) in which the artist meticulously reconstructs small broken glass objects by gluing their fragments together. A process of “useless” restoration, since the containers, once glued, cease to have their function as containers because they can no longer contain any liquid.

Excerpt from the leaflet of Ignasi Aballí and Richard Venlet’s presentation at ARCOmadrid 2017, Galeria Estrany – de la Mota