Enrique Ramirez
El Rumor, 2016

Print on mat paper, aluminium frame, engraved glass
61 × 41 cm
Edition of 5

(…) Art seems to refuse to resign itself and Enrique’s works, like any work resorting to highly poetic images, involve the spectator by engaging their gaze, their thoughts. It’s the gravitational force that art exudes, a force of attraction exuding between the work and the one viewing it, a force which pushes us to keep viewing, thinking and which reinstates the dialectic character (in the sense of dialogue) of the artistic practice. In this way, once again Enrique Ramirez’ works honour not only his argumentative power and his ability to provide supports which stimulate the power of thought, but above all his undeniable ability to speak politics.

Text by Florencia Battiti (excerpt), introduction to Enrique Ramirez’ exhibition La Gravedad, Michel Rein, Paris, October 20, 2016 – January 11, 2017.