Florence Jung
jung54, 2018

Scenario (Two people occupying the same room in the same hotel chain at opposite ends of the world realize the same set of actions at exactly the same time, for a day and a night. Together, they live out a single promise: to live identically in a homogeneous world.)
Variable dimensions
Edition of 3

Florence Jung’s magic works by concealment. The artist is conspicuous by her absence (she rarely grants interviews and does not publish any photos of herself or her work) and it is often difficult to find or recognize her works. And yet, their power—born of a surreptitious play of ideological systems, institutional protocols, unspoken rules or implicit social conventions—is inimitable. Mixing rumors, evasions, rumors and other elusive tactics, its actions often take place before we are aware of them. At once performances, critiques of institutions, and commentaries on our social habits, their strength lies in their acute perception of the world around us and their ability to reveal it in an intelligent and subtle way.

Excerpt from Elena Filipovic, “La magie […]”, Catalogue Prix Mobilière 2018, our translation.