Quentin Vintousky
Les Larmes d'Aphrodite, 2018

Fabrics, pearl button, oyster, wood, digital print on glossy paper
72 × 120 × 3 cm

In Les Larmes d’Aphrodite, a light, transparent jacket weighs down to the weight of an oyster, resting on a curved wooden panel at hand-height on the floor. It converses with the image of a richly decorated bath, in art deco hues, which curves into the hollow of the curvature of this screen. The mother-of-pearl of the jacket button gleams like the hard, smooth flesh of an oyster shell. No pearls, no body in this bath. No tears, no undulating Venus in the light reflected by the water and the gleaming metal of this basin.

Text by Timothée Chaillou for Vintousky’s presentation of works at Le Salon de Montrouge in 2018 [our translation].