Karolina Krasouli
Morning, 2022

Oil, gesso, graphite and thread on canvas
180 × 120 cm

Whether in painting, photography, or film, Karolina Krasouli’s works explore the intersection of abstraction and figuration. Stemming from Karolina Krasouli’s ongoing interest in literature and poetry, she attempts to toss together different fragments, forms of which are both formally and conceptually inspired by her collection of books, papers and envelopes. Morning is made of pieces of canvas that were mounted together. Sewing, painting, draping of the canvas, patterned motifs and spatial mapping on paper are all contemplative processes. Through the representation of optical phenomena related to memory and language, the use of color and light replace the role and functions of the written and the spoken word, thus resulting in different modes of verbal address.

Text from the artist