Ariel Schlesinger
Oct 25th, 1985, 2011

(2) 8.5 × 3.5 cm
Edition of 5

Ariel Schlesinger: A lot of my work holds some sense of danger because I am interested in the tangible and fragile verge of collapse. I am interested in processes of transformation. Sometimes transformation can be sad, violent but also subtle and beautiful. The thing is, every once in a while, I try to break out of some predetermined course of making, as if I need to reinvent my process and try to come up with a completely different approach, only to discover the next step was so connected to the previous one. In […] I was trying to produce a closed circuit, some sort of sense of wholeness using two of the same objects. Sometimes, this can be a minimum intervention, like in this work. Two keys with inverted groves make a whole.
Adam Carr: Are they functional?
AS: Yes they are fully functional! They work on two different doors.

Excerpt from an interview between Ariel Schlesinger and curator Adam Carr, published in on the occasion of the online exhibition “1-31” in 2020.