Ian Kiaer
Pink Cloth, Orange Squares, Small, 2021

Acrylic on linen
35 × 35 cm

In the introduction text to Ian Kiaer’s exhibition at Marcelle Alix in 2021, Isabelle Alfonsi, following Anna Tsing’s observations on capitalism’s ruins and “life without a promise of stability”, links Kiaer’s paintings to “[a] world where precarity is the norm, where the idea of progress no longer manages to prevail, [and] temporary arrangements of mineral, animal, plant and human lives settle within the ruin (…). How may we journey in what remains of painting, starting from the smallest possible signifier: the spot of pigment, the dust deposited on the canvas, the square grid pattern drawn with pencil, the aluminium trace of a work that no longer exists, the Plexiglas retrieved from the streets?…”