Bernardo Ortiz
Sin Titulo (Bogotábogotábogotá | Langustia Como Laguna), 2015

Ink and gouache on paper
34 × 61 cm

In Sin Titulo, Ortiz explores the in-between spaces or limits that manifest themselves in art: the perceptible and imperceptible, the reproducible and irreproducible, the existing and potential, the real and fictitious. By recurring to formal solutions such as overlaying drawings, intervening supports with different layers of gouache or perforations, contrasting colors affecting the legibility of words, or uniting precise traces with more casual brush-strokes, the artist seeks to bring together both the conceptual and the material. (…) Mindful of the fact that each era finds certain forms of producing an image, Ortiz creates snapshots that hint at their own mechanisms. After all, the visual experience —which often seems reduced to the image— is the byproduct of a complex, yet sometimes overlooked strata.

Excerpt from the press release of the exhibition “180615” at Casas Riegner, 2015.