Daniel Gustav Cramer
Tales 62 (Ericeira, Portugal, September 2011), 2014

(2) 25.5 x 20.5 cm
Edition of 5

Though static and limited by the edges of their own frame, something occurs in Cramer’s photographs that reach beyond this restriction. Through his methods of pro­duction and editing, he has found a way to channel continuity using still images. In his series Tales (2000–ongoing) Cramer shows polyptychs of events in specific locations. Shot hand-held on 35mm film, the images show incremental shifts in time: [for example] the slight movements of a solitary figure at the edge of a pier in Tales 62 (Ericeira, Portugal, October 2011) (2014). (…) Time is not ‘captured’ by the artist here but put on pause.

Expert from “Daniel Gustav Cramer Time travels” by Arielle Bier, features in Frieze, Issue 14, 2014.