Eva Barto
The Profitless Route, 2019

Given Editions, unlimited
A score in nine acts for Anafi island residents to be accessible only on the return journey of the visitors of the Biennial Phenomenon 3, Anafi, July 2019.
1- Tenants by Substitution (for invisible labor), ongoing. Letters (chapter 1-12) sent in 2018 to several subscribers as a flat rental support. Editing with modification on demand.
2- Premise for a disrupted conquest.
3- Basic tools for boat wreckers.
4- Informations poems, Series of A4 posters stuck on the harbor bus stop each day displaying local information in Greek in regards to The Profitless Route project (acts 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9).
5- Uncustom rhythms.
6- Local tourism.
7- Sea match.
8- Latecomer’s overtimes, time get longer overseas.
9- On a return journey, Printed leaflet with complete captions of The Profitless Route project displayed at the harbor kiosk on departure dates.