Ignasi Aballí
Time-Line, 2014

Collage on paper
(15) 29.5 x 21 cm

In the Listados [Lists] works, Ignasi Aballí clipped headlines each day from the Spanish newspaper El País, then grouped the isolated phrases based on their content. (…) One Listado refers to kinds of drugs; another, to the numbers of missing people; and another simply to numbers of years, ranging from one to 14 billion. (…) “I try to avoid the material, handmade quality of collage, to take a work that is so clearly rooted in text and shift it into the realm of the image,” Aballí says of his Listados. “And as photographic images, I wanted to construct them so that they are images of reality: a photo about death; a photo about money; a photo about time.”

Excerpt from George Stolz, “Ignasi Aballí and the ‘Murmur of the Everyday”, ArtReview, 2016.