David Horvitz
Twelve Walks Across a Horizon in Berlin (Slide Show 1), 2013

Slide projections, 81 slides in loop, text printed on A4, free take-away
Variable dimensions
Edition of 3

(…) Over the past few weeks in Berlin I went on daily walks each morning. In each walk, always starting from the same location but heading in a different direction, I attempted to walk across the horizon line. This was 4.7 km away, though the actual length of each walk varied since there are no straight lines in the city. I wanted to walk the exact length of visibility from where I started. And, to just slightly cross this point. As if to disappear out of view. But it is the horizon that seems to have disappeared. In the city the buildings obscure the possibility of looking into the distance. Just as light pollution obscures the visibility of the night sky, losing a nightly relationship with the infinite distance of the stars. But it is not just the view of the horizon that is lost. Much of the world we see is through screens only inches away from our eyes. Images stream instantaneously from all over the world. How do you stare into vastness with our attention continuously being invaded? How do you ground yourself? The horizon no longer defines visibility. It is the remnant of a lost distance. (…) 

Excerpt from the text from Horvitz accompanying the slide projections.