Daniel Gustav Cramer

Vernazza, Italy, 2013
Five stacks of paper, each 29.7 x 21.0 x 5.5 cm

XXIII, 2015
Iron sphere, 3.5 cm

Tales 05 (Perada, Greece, April 2008), 2010
C-print, 25 x 20.5 cm

Anafi, 2015
Book, 540 pages

Daniel Gustav Cramer’s text work Vernazza, Italy a story written in the first person of a man lying in a hotel bed at night gazing at the reflection of the water on the ceiling above him, is made of five stacks of paper. Each stack describes a fragment of this scene, overlaps with another, creating a continuous loop of elements appearing and disappearing with the rhythm of the wave reflections. XXIII, 2015, an iron sphere, is located on the island for the duration of the exhibition. The sphere’s position, as long as it remains on Anafi, is not fixed. For his second site-specific project Cramer brought together all personal names of the residents of Anafi in a book, creating a portrait of a place. Tales 05, a photograph depicting the silhouette of a man standing on a rock near Pireaus harbor from which one departs from the mainland to travel to the island.