Julien Nédélec

Hope for Digamma, 2017

Μέλαν Χάος, 2017
Steel, 80 cm diameter

Missing Time, 2015

Time Zero, 2016

Julien Nédélec creates works that are the result of linguistic and formal games, revealing the infinite potentialities of language. In the in-situ installation Hope for Digamma, the artist created a large letter “Z” that reflected the sunlight and mirrored its surroundings on a wall outside the new school. While “Z” is the 6th letter of the Greek alphabet, the Roman alphabet obliterated it only to add it years later as its last letter. In Missing Time, the artist projected a clock of an imaginary time whose starting point is the first edition of Phenomenon in 2015. Time Zero consists of the 25 time zones depicted as rubber bands that at once preserve the length of the time zones but remove their borders. The work Μέλαν χάος (in English, black chaos) has as starting point the Argonautica and, in particular, the passage about the dangerous darkness that the Argonauts experienced before Apollo saved them by making Anafi appear. Μέλαν χάος, at the same time a cartoon-style black hole and a black mirror, was installed inconspicuously in the highest part of the village and reflected the moonlight in an act of self-negation. For the bus stop project, a sky blue monochrome was folded on the height of the horizon, where the sky meets the sea.