Kostas Bassanos

20:38/20:38/20:37/20:37/20:37/20:36, 2015
6 C-prints, 90 x 130 cm

25.4 mm, 2015
Video, 3 min. 17 sec.

For Phenomenon 1, Kostas Bassanos examined the notion of the horizon, this in-between moment and place where light meets darkness, where our vision is confronted with its limit. His blown-up photographs of a photographic film at the point where the printing of the image begins, created fictitious horizons at once dazzling and dystopian. These floating images dialogued with the video 25.4mm where the artist uses tools and sculptural materials to elevate and level a stone in order to look a little higher, beyond the horizon, towards a fleetingĀ  sun.