Marina Xenofontos

Solar Sail, 2022
Plexiglass tubes filled with water, mirrored adorned axis, 14rpm motor, two and three axis joints

Plan d’Evacuation (not an intervention), 2022
MDF wood panels, Arduino Nano boards, light sensors, LED lights, Spiegel im Spiegel [MIDI]

For Phenomenon 4, Marina Xenofontos presented two bodies of work. Solar Sail captures and reflects sunlight beaming down on its spine of spinning mirrors and refracts it through the water encased in its plexiglass tubings, creating subtle waves of rainbows on its surface and the surrounding land. As a satellites’ solar sails are propelled in the vacuum of space by the sun rays, Solar Sail is put into motion by the various effects the sun creates. The work was installed by the Madres bar on Anafi. Receiving the levels of light in the room through their sensors, the five panels that comprise Plan d’Evacuation (not an intervention) rhythmically translate them onto their patterns of LED’s, following the MIDI notes for the song Spiegel im Spiegel by Alvo Part. When the sun begins to set and dark sheets the room, the panels begin to pick up each other’s light, and close into a feedback loop. The work was installed at the New School of Anafi.