Empirically Posited and Reconfigured as Waves of Thought

10-21 October, 2016

ORGANIZED BY: Kerenidis Pepe Collection for the FIAC VIP Program

CURATED BY: Daniel Kurjaković

Works from the Kerenidis Pepe Collection, alongside a series of real-time events and informal moments: presentations, performances, musical instances, readings, soundings and hybrid manifestations.



When All Lines of a Horizon Finally Disappear
Works from the Kerenidis Pepe Collection

WITH: Ignasi Aballí, Eva Barto, Alejandro Cesarco, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Detanico/Lain, Haris Epaminonda, Maider Fortuné, Dora García, Mario García Torres, Tim Hollander, David Horvitz, Jochen Lempert, Julien Nédélec, Bernardo Ortiz, Vittorio Santoro, Ariel Schlesinger, Nina Papaconstantinou, Elsa Werth



Who Still Knows Where One Belongs? / Qui sait encore à quel lieu ils sont attachés ?, 2016

A chair is repeatedly repositioned in the exhibition space at chosen intervals and at chosen locations by the exhibition makers or/and by the artist during the duration of the exhibition.


ELSA WERTH, artist
Manifeste, 2016

A discreet gesture to reflect on the value, sustainability and ownership of an artwork in the commercial context of the FIAC.


Sonic Interlude 1
& That Was The Trouble With Aristotle…, 2010

& That Was The Trouble With Aristotle… is an original sound play produced in the studios of France Culture and on the streets of Paris. It consists of several levels of expression: songs, voices, discussions, music and unmixed sounds. The artist describes this project as a staging, an atmosphere, whose goal is to create what he calls a “simultaneous reality”, establishing a nonhierarchical relationship between the piece and its reception, between the sound messages and their reception by the listening community.


The Very Best of Art in America, 2016

Evoking a copy of Art in America found in the library of Babel.


Sonic Interlude 2
Melancholia, 2009

The artists start form the map of the sky, which they translate into Greek letters depending on the luminosity of the stars. Every letter of the alphabet corresponds to a different sound. The constellation ‘Melancholia’ becomes a musical score.


EVA BARTO, artist
All in, An Anthology of Gambling, 2016

Presentation of the publication All in, An Anthology of Gambling. The content and the financing of the book depended on betting the money of a fellowship in the casino.


Sonic Interlude 3:
Sited, 1998

The experience of space narrated by a blind man.


MANUEL CIRAUQUI, curator/writer
Exhibiting & Broadcasting, 2016

“This presentation will address the possibilities and specificities of radio as a medium for exhibiting art, in light of a few examples found in recent contemporary practices (1990-present). I’ve tried to tackle some of these issues in my own (curatorial) work on and through radio, and I will speak a little bit about that as well.”


WONG WAI YIM, artist
Just a Mirror, 2016

“I will put a video camera on my forehead. If I meet someone in the event, I may stop you. Your image will appear on an iPad attached to me. I just want to describe you, you who are in front of me, from head to toe, to describe your body as detailed as possible.”


Lettres Muettes, 2011 (by JULIEN NÉDÉLEC, artist)

Tribute to all letters whose presence in writing remains undetected when spoken. “Lettres muettes” references a poem by Francis Ponge (1899-1988) entitled “Des raisons d’écrire” in which artist Julien Nédélec kept only silent letters.


Sonic Interlude 4
City, 1998

A kind of audio task performance: In a car, the artist and some friends drive through the streets of London attempting to name, in real-time, the objects and things in accordance with prescribed and assigned categories.


MARIAH LOOKMAN, researcher/artist
Clear Sky, 2016

Ibn Tufayl’s Ḥayy ibn Yaqẓān (Alive, son of Awake) is the story of the philosophical awakening of a child raised by the wild on an island in the Indian Ocean. A study of all things moving, falling, gathering, collecting, measuring.


Sonic Interlude 5
Otte, 1995

In otte the artist establishes an overtly humorous contrast between man and woman, a word play pun on gender divides and hierarchies, rich in psychological and social abysses.


ALICE CHAMPION, artistic director/transformabile presents
Sans Titre, non Daté: Part 1, 2016
A music/text project by Tristan Garcia, Valentina Magaletti, Olivier Mellano
Sans Titre, non Daté: Part 2, 2016
Playlist related to the project and texts by Tristan Garcia

“We played on words then found new ways of experiencing text as a mediation form in the exhibition space.”


* The sound piece & that was the trouble with Aristotle… by Lawrence Weiner was commissioned by the Centre National des Arts Plastiques / Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, Paris, in 2010. It was realized in collaboration with the Atelier de création radiophonique de France Culture. Curated and produced by Daniel Kurjakoviċ; realized by Frank Smith, Gilles Mardirossian and Eric Boisset. Players: Martine Aboucaya, Sandra Doublet, Florence De Tugny, Alain Kantarjian, Stéphanie Lefebvre, Yves-Marie Rinquin, Vittorio Santoro, Damien Sausset, Lawrence Weiner.

** Sonic Interludes with kind permission of the copyright owners, published in: Kurjaković, Daniel (ed.), Other Rooms, Other Voices/Andere Räume, andere Stimmen/Autres espaces, autres voix, Zürich: Memory/Cage Editions, 1999.