F.A.R. Radio @ 3 137

8–12 December, 2020
On Air

PARTICIPATION BY: Association Phenomenon
Αθήνας Θ(ρ)αύ(σ)ματα (Listen)

An heterogenous array of notes for a city as people, ideas and actions.


F.A.R. is an atlas of the city of Athens mapping the evolving economy, the housing market and the various communities living in the city. It stems from the need to understand the different types of transformations that have been taking place in Athens in the past recent years. Despite the economic recession of the last decade and the political instability in the wider Mediterranean region, the city has become a place to be. At the same time, over the last five years, we have seen the local art scene changing; the number of art spaces is growing and venues and initiatives of varying scale are developing.

On December 8th, the program began with F.A.R. RADIO, a temporary web radio station. Invited guests of F.A.R. RADIO were several art initiatives of the city, individuals with a research interest in housing and collective/individual property, as well as employees or owners of small businesses in ​​Exarcheia neighborhood. The guests developed a 50-minute show—featuring sounds, music and discussion—about their activity, their daily habits, and the city networks within which they engage.

For more details on the project and the full program visit F.A.R. Radio @ 3137