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A Mystical Relationship between a Number and One or More Coinciding Events, 2021

A number is a mathematical object used in counting, measuring, and labeling —rational, irrational, complex and unreal numbers. Arithmetic is the study of mathematical operations. A symbol that represents one number is called numeral. In addition to their use in counting and measuring, numerals are often used for labels (as with telephone numbers), for ordering (as with serial numbers), for codes, for games, for designating a geographical location, in astronomy, while they are also used to unravel concealed information.  

A series of gestures bring out the random or not random at all significance of numbers, they reveal hidden elements, they challenge destiny and show us a place on the map. Α personal as well as a collective narrative unfolds through the use of numbers, their study and primordial knowledge. This is a narrative that constructs a phenomenon. Something which is at the same time as close as far.