Enterprise Projects
Over There, 2021

On the occasion of φαινόμενα, Enterprise Projects approached the Archaeological Collection of Anafi, one of the island’s places that cannot be clearly defined, a place that awaits its reincarnation or looks back to the past. Over there used the visual language, the terminology and the tools of advertising in order to create a campaign for this vaguely defined space that always takes on the weight of the past and future, the history and the everyday reality. With a gaze upon neither what is yet to come nor what has already passed, this specific venture aimed at the even brief acknowledgement and negotiation of the spaces and conditions, whose existence has not been self-regulated or subsided, without losing meaning, identity, reason and place. The Archaeological Collection of Anafi was at the center of this campaign that makes us question our need to name our spaces, who and what is included in thοse spaces, what a collection means for us and for our identities and what we would call the framework where this is hosted.