Mario García Torres

Once Remembered…, n.d.
35mm slide, ink on paper

Five Feet High and Rising, n.d.
DJ performance/lecture

Mario García Torres re-appropriates art history and draws inspiration from archives, incidents, secrets, in order to explore the place of art in contemporary society. In Once remembered…, the artist ‘shipped’ a veiled female head from the Louvre Museum in Paris back to Anafi where it was initially found, only to have people make her travel again through postcards available at the local souvenir shops. For Phenomenon 2, the artist also performed a multimedia DJ lecture on rivers, Five Feet High and Rising. For the bus stop project, posters with the sentence “Someone, somewhere else in the world, is wondering about the same thing you are right now”, were activated in different places in the world and in the local language each time, in Anafi, Paris, Rimini, Mexico City, creating unexpected connections through space-time.