Katerina Komianou
Για τώρα και για πάντα : Untitled 1 from the archive 3 έρωτες στην πλατεία Εξαρχείων, 2023

Photo collage
30 × 60 cm

Over the past four years I have been documenting the traces people leave on the sculpture expressing their political views and feelings about the city. Close ups of the eros’ body parts intertwine with long distance photographs of the square. Posters, stickers, paint, anarchist placards, graffiti and police shields appear across the photographs. This daily documentation captures the traces of those changes, the memory of what it has been, sometimes even only for a few minutes, before they disappear and get replaced by others. I used an analogue 80s camera and different films depending on the actions’ needs. The sculpture of three Eros was removed from Exarcheia square in September 2022 despite people’s reaction due to the upcoming metro station.

Text by the artist.